Friday, November 19, 2010

Easy death defying tricks

The good ol people on have made quite an interesting list. Basically it's a list of things you would have to be pretty dumb to even attempt because it looks like you could get killed despite it being very easy. It all is based on simple psychics like how if you lie on a bed of nails your weight is spread out. Though if you lie on just one nail you quickly realize how sharp a nail can be. This article is a pretty intressting one and something i would expect from cracked it's worth a view.  It gets a 7/10 on exploring the internet

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The best of not always right is a funny site where normally employees talk about some dumb things their customers done from being obnoxious, to illegal , to just dumb not always right has a great collection of some really funny stories so check out the very humorous site. Here are some of my favorite stories-

Give One, Get One Free

Restaurant | United Kingdom
(I’m waiting in line after ordering a cheeseburger. Another customer is being particularly annoying.)
Server: “Your cheeseburger’s ready sir. That’ll be £2.80.”
Me: *handing over money* “Thanks.”
Other customer: “Hey! Why’s he getting his first? We were here first, that’s mine!”
Server: “He ordered a cheeseburger. They’re quicker to make than double bacon burgers. Yours will be done in a minute.”
Other customer: “I want that one! That one is mine!”
(I nod to the server, and they hand the woman the burger.)
Other customer: “This has got cheese in it! And no bacon! Are trying to rip me off?!”
Server: “You said you wanted that one rather than what you ordered.”
Other customer: “This is appalling! I’m going elsewhere. You can’t get your orders in the right order!” *slams cheese burger on van shelf then walks off*
Server, to me: *smiling* “Would you like a free bacon burger with your cheeseburger?”

Loony Over A Loonie

Gas Station | Ontario, Canada
(I am ringing out an American girl. Keep in mind Canada uses coins for $1 and $2.)
Me: “…and your change is $3.64. You have a wonderful day.”
Customer: “Excuse me, you didn’t give me the right change.”
Me: “Yes I did.”
Customer: “No you didn’t. You only gave me coins, no paper.”
Me: “Ma’am, we’re in Canada, and here we use coins.” *I hold up a $1 coin* “This is a loonie, and is worth $1.”
Customer: “What’s a Canada?”

Don’t Ask Her What Size She’d Like

Grocery Store | California, USA
(I am ringing up a customer. She has bought one large jug of ice-cream, a bag of chips, and dip.)
Me: “Did you find everything okay?”
Customer: “Just fine…. just fine.”
(I notice she’s looking me over up and down, but I try to ignore it.)
Customer: “How are you so skinny?”
Me: “Sorry?”
Customer: “How are you skinnier than me? It’s so unhealthy!”
Me: “Uh, well I’m normally like this. I exercise, and I try to stay fit.”
Customer: “Oh, so you’re saying I’m not!? I can’t believe this. Just because I’m buying ice-cream and chips, doesn’t mean I’m unhealthy!”
Me: “I know it doesn’t ma’am. I eat ice-cream too.”
Customer: “Wait, you do?”
Me: “All the time, ma’am.”
Customer: “Oh… no wonder why you’re more bigger than me. You should take care of yourself more.”

Watashi Whaaa

Music Shop | United Kingdom
(I really like Japanese animation and am learning Japanese as a second language so I listen to a lot of Japanese songs.)
Customer: “Excuse me, what kind of music would you recommend? I want to know what CD I should buy.”
Me: “Oh, I don’t think I listen to the kind of music you’d be interested in.”
Customer: “That’s not very helpful. Just tell me what kind of music you like.”
Me: “Well, I listen to a lot of Japanese songs.”
Customer: “I love that song!”
Me: “It’s not just one song. There are a lot of songs in Japanese.”
Customer: “Really? How many.”
Me: “Oh, far too many to count. There are thousands!”
Customer: “Well that’s a bit silly, isn’t it, what’s the point in making songs in a language that no one can understand?”
Me: “A lot of people understand Japanese.”
Customer: “Like who?”
Me: “The people who live in Japan?”
Customer: “You mean Japan’s a real place?! Well, you learn something new every day!”

These are some of my personal favorite posts check out the site for yourself it gets a 8/10 on exploring the internet 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The ten funniest bathroom gadgets

The people at compiled a least of the ten funniest bathroom gadgets these gadgets range from slightly inappropriate to suicidal to outwardly creepy. While these gadgets are funny I doubt anyone would want any of these humorous gadget.

 I give it a 7.5 out of 10 on exploring the internet
ps. I was looking over older posts and I completely forgot about my rating scheme so I will continue to do it again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exam answears

When taking a test and you don't know the answer most people would guess or cheat. Some people decide to try to get credit by amusing the teacher. At ned hady they found the 20 funniest exam answers and made it into a a funny post personally i think the people who did these answers deserve extra credit for there originality but somehow i doubt they'll get it it gets a 8.5/10 on exploring the internet

link --
btw tell your friends about this site they'll like it

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tin Foil uses

I don't normally look at but I found a simple yet amusing post they had on there and I had to share it. It's the 15 awesome uses of aluminum foil. This might seem like an immature concept but it's a very useful one since most of these I would have never thought of especially sharpening a knife I think Tin foil companies don't recommend that because they would need a lawyer but it could work very well if you don't cut yourself. Cooking is something everyone knows it could be used for but I never though of some of the cooking ideas they mention there are some really good ideas. So check out this very interesting post at it gets a 6/10 on exploring the internet
Also sorry for not posting a lot but I will start blogging more intensely now lmao

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


On facebook one of the most annoying things are those photos that are from concerts. The ones that are blurry and people didn't enjoy the concert. The funny people at the oatmeal made a great set of types of photos they hate. It's pretty funny and worth checking out. it gets a 8/10 on exploring the internet

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meanwhile In

I recently found this really funny page. Someone took all of the best meanwhile pics and shared them with us and they are really humorous, the last one made me laugh so hard but then made me feel bad for laughing

here are two funny pics from the collection. it gets a 7.5/10 on exploring the internet

Monday, October 11, 2010

Food Consumption by Country

Guys I apologize for no recent posts in the last few days my life was very busy sadly. Though back to the Interwebz. On I found this set of pictures showing what how much each country spends for their family and what they tend to get. It really amazing how some countries can live off dollars a month. I was really surprised however that Italy spent more then USA since our priorities are food and dui lawyers mainly and then other things It's really interesting these pictures. Ps. I will try to post much more for you guys. Pss. It gets a 7/10 on exploring the internet

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trying to get out of duties

In life people always have things to do which they would prefer not to. So most people just go through with it anyway however some try to get out of there duties by any means necessary. These potentially insane people sometimes in the process make things even worse.  It might be instead of getting a dui and a dui lawyer deciding assaulting a officer with your car then burning it is a better solution or really anything but these people will do whatever it takes to get out and for that I applaud them they some of the most dedication known to man. It gets a 8.5/10 on exploring the internet

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 productive things you can do while watching T.V

Something I'm very found of doing is watching T.V sadly though it is often considered a waste of time. So the people of Dumb little man Thought of 30 ways to make it more productive in a great list they made. So now thanks to list there is no excuse to be unproductive whale watching T.V so go off my followers whale watching T.V and do everything to writing a letter to apply to Harvard to looking for a dui lawyer be productive. It gets a 8/10 on exploring the internet


30 Ways to Make TV Watching More Productive

Do you ever hear yourself saying "I just don't have time" yet find yourself plopped in front of the TV for the better part of every evening?

As our to-do lists grow so does our stress and anxiety over getting everything done. While we can't add any more time to our day (unfortunately) we can use the time we do have in a more productive manner. Let's face it watching TV isn't that interactive or demanding. Below are 30 simple little ways to make the most of your TV watching time.

Things you can do while watching TV:

  • Fold laundry - Plop the basket beside you and fold while you watch.
  • Iron - Drag the ironing board and iron out into the living room and turn that mundane task into something that's a little more bearable.
  • Give or get a massage - Lay on the couch or get on the floor with your significant other and give a back rub or foot massage. At each commercial break switch it up just to keep it fair.
  • Stretch - Get down on the floor and stretch your legs, your back, and your arms. You'll feel great and if you're an avid TV watcher I'm pretty confident your flexibility will improve in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Write out a meal plan for the week - Brainstorm some meal ideas for the coming week. You can take it a step further and create a list of go-to meals or meals you can make ahead and freeze.
  • Brainstorm for a new business, a holiday, or activities to do with the kids - Don't filter ideas just write them down as they come to mind. Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we're not focused on finding the best ideas.
  • Write out your Birthday cards or Christmas cards - Don't wait until the last minute to get your cards done. For most of us it takes quite a bit of time, so doing even a few each evening can lighten the load.
  • Put pictures in a picture album - I'm sure I'm not the only one with a tub full of pictures that I don't know what to do with. Grab the tub of photos and start putting them in photo albums. If you want to sort them first, use a few nights of TV watching to do just that.
Things you can do during commercials:
  • Pack the dishwasher - It doesn't take long and even if there is a pile you can do it over multiple breaks. Don't have a dishwasher? No problem. Break one: Fill the sink with warm soapy water and let the dishes soak. Break two (maybe three): Wash the dishes. After that dry them and put them away. Done.
  • 10 sit-ups 10 push-ups 10 squats - TV watching is a sedentary sport. Get on the ground and get active during the commercials. It doesn't have to be much just move.
  • Take out the garbage - Grab a garbage bag and go throughout the house emptying the smaller bins into it. Take the full bags outside to the garage or back door for garbage day.
  • Do a quick reset of the room you're in - Commercial breaks aren't long but it's amazing how much you can get done. Pick up shoes, toys, books, magazines, dishes etc. and put them where they belong.
  • Address a letter, stamp it and put it in your bag for tomorrow - Mailing letters is one task that seems to continually slip my mind. Use the commercial break to put your letter or bill payment in an envelope address it and put it in your bag so you can mail it tomorrow.
  • Drink a glass of water - If you're like most people you're not drinking as much water as you should be each day. Get a tall glass add ice and fill it with cold water.
  • Floss your teeth - This takes very little time and is something most of us don't do often enough. It's a little action that can be great for your health.
  • Dust the furniture in the room you're in - Grab a microfiber cloth, an old sock or damp rag and run it over all flat surfaces in the room. Get under the keyboard and the DVD player. Get the top of the TV, picture frames and the backs of your chairs.
  • Clean a bathroom - Fill the sink with warm soapy water, spray the tub and toilet, let it soak until the next commercial and it'll clean up super easy.
  • Make a sandwich for tomorrow - The key to a smooth sailing morning is to start the night before. Make a sandwich or put together a salad, dole out some yogurt and grab a piece of fruit throw it in your bag for tomorrow and you're set to just head out the door!
  • Bathroom break - Enough said ...
  • Send a quick email - 2.5 to 3 minutes is usually long enough to get an email put together, if not you could get a good first draft started at least.
  • Read a few pages of your book or a blog post - Hit the mute button grab your book or fire up your feed-reader.
  • Write your to-do list - Give a bit of thought to what you'll do tomorrow. Think about errands that need to be run, calls that need returning, gifts to be bought and what to have for dinner.
  • Choose clothes to wear tomorrow - Run to your room and decide what to wear tomorrow. Choose clothes that fit you well and that you feel great in.
  • Let the dogs out - Most dogs will jump at the chance to get outside even it's only for a few minutes. Do it.
  • Purge a drawer or filing cabinet - Choose a drawer that's close to where you're sitting and pull everything out of it. Toss or recycle what you don't absolutely need and put items you no longer use, need or like in a pile to donate. Put the remaining items back in an organized manner.
  • Make your bed - Even if it's half an hour before bed go and make it. It's awesome getting into a bed that's made the sheets pulled tight, comforter straightened and the pillows fluffed up a bit. Heaven.
  • Make a quick phone call - Call your mom, your sister, your brother or friend and make or confirm plans for tomorrow.
  • Get changed into work out clothes - If you've settled in for a night of TV odds are you won't be too excited about the thought of exercise. During the first commercial break get changed into your work out gear so by the end of the show you're good to go for a bit of a work out.
  • Get a healthy snack - Grab a piece of fruit, trail mix or yogurt. Make healthy choices, keep your snack size to something smaller than your fist to keep you from over-eating and eating mindlessly.
  • Press mute and just sit in silence - There are very few moments during our day when we can truly sit back and enjoy the silence. Press mute and just enjoy how quiet and still everything is around you.
There are a lot of ways to be productive with very small bursts of time. Sure, you can Tivo your way passed the commercials but you may just be fast forwarding by a quick opportunity to get something done!

Choose one or two items on this list to do each evening and you just may be surprised at how many little extras you can get done.

Great list made completely by the very smart people at

Sunday, October 3, 2010

100 greatest youtube videos in 4 minutes

Youtube is the home of millions of videos from normal things like soccer videos to guides on how to get a loan if you need a video on something it is there though it is also a place where people can post any video they made to share with everyone on the internet. Well in today's post I will be showing probably my favorite youtube video of all time and as the title suggests it's a ton of the best youtube videos in a very short time. This video is actually pretty close to perfect in my mind so I give it the highest score ever given on exploring the internet 9.5/10. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yahoo Answers fail

Yahoo despite not being as popular as Google had a great thing Google doesn't It's called Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is basically a place any one can go to ask any question and get a response, or respond to a question. The best part is since there is so many people on the site you're pretty much guaranteed a quick answer. The minor flaw is though the answer might not always be correct or the one you wanted. So forkparty made a collection of the 50 biggest yahoo answers fails and they are something. I found this very funny so it gets a 9/10 on exploring the internet hope you guys enjoy.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


There are times when your current job just isn't working for you and you need to get out. Not since it was a awful experience but you just need to quit. Sadly for Will that was the case he needed to quit w00tstock and deiced to do it in the most informative and scientific way possible for everyone. This one gets a 6/10

Now Jenny on the other hand wasn't so lucky she had a awful experience with her boss Spencer. So in a similar approach minus the statistics she kindly told Spencer what she though of him after her two years working under him. To which Spencer decided to present how he feels about her in a much similar manner in the sense it was also just as kind and respectful. This one gets a 7.5/10 on exploring the internet

Ps. Sorry for not posting yesterday I had a lot of Real life things i had to do which wasn't very fun but i will make a effort to have a update every day.
Pps. I'm now on digg and technorati yay

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sydney Shark

Newgrounds has become a very common name on the interwebz when it comes to games. What makes it so popular I believe is the originality and quirkiness of the games. A game where you play a shark whose goal is to cause as much destruction as you can is a great concept sadly not done enough. The game basically has you controlling your shark making it fly through the air to destroy everything from a stray scuba diver to Zeppelin It's definitely  a game worth checking out it gets a 8.5/10 on exploring the internet.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Hacks

I found this funny post on kontraband about a bunch of the best life hacks and as they call it anti-life hacks which is a list of life hacks that will cause you harm. I find about four things I want to run out and do now. Especially number four in miscellaneous think about all the seconds I'll save. Though all jokes aside it's got some great bits of information that i could use since I always lose phone chargers when i travel now I can get tons of them for free. I think this is probably one of the best life-hack lists I've seen in a while so I'll give it a well earned 8/10 on exploring the internet.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pro's and Con's of working at home

I was looking through the oatmeal which is a very funny site and saw there "why working at home is both awesome and horrible" and i was laughing sitting down and reading it. I realize how much of a dilemma this presents me for the future of weather or not i want to work at home. The oatmeal is a great site because of things like this and there amazing quizzes (i might do a post on it a different day) but everyone this is defiantly worth venturing out into the unknowns of the interwebz to see it's very funny. I give it a 6.5/10 on exploring the internet

Second post

Hay guys I'm surprised how quickly this blog started I hit my ten follower checkpoint. But back to business with another great game i have found on the internet it's called Learn to Fly and it's about a penguins journey trying to learn how to fly. You start by going off ramps to earn money and with you're money you can buy things that get you further so you can unlock the achievements. It's a fun game with a great concept it took me 23 days to win i doubt anyone can beat that so post in the comments how many days it took to beat the game if you played it since i would then have to beat you if you have beaten me. It gets a 8/10 on exploring the internet.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Very First Post

Hay guys for my first post I though I would explain what my blog would be. It's basically my discovery of the internet. I'll share anything that amuses me on the interwebz so you too can enjoy it. So to start things off I'll share something I found today thanks to my brother.

It's called give up robot and is made by adult swim games which has some of the most notorious and fun games. Basically i this game you have a claw and can jump and have to get by in each level. The first 5 levels will take you 30 seconds but once you get to level 35 or so you will have to try at least 50 times after level 36 i gave up. That being said it was a very fun game and I really liked it and would strongly recommend it to all my friends so i give it a 8/10 on exploring the internet just due to the fact there were moments i wanted to pull my hair out i couldn't get past a level.