Saturday, September 25, 2010

Very First Post

Hay guys for my first post I though I would explain what my blog would be. It's basically my discovery of the internet. I'll share anything that amuses me on the interwebz so you too can enjoy it. So to start things off I'll share something I found today thanks to my brother.

It's called give up robot and is made by adult swim games which has some of the most notorious and fun games. Basically i this game you have a claw and can jump and have to get by in each level. The first 5 levels will take you 30 seconds but once you get to level 35 or so you will have to try at least 50 times after level 36 i gave up. That being said it was a very fun game and I really liked it and would strongly recommend it to all my friends so i give it a 8/10 on exploring the internet just due to the fact there were moments i wanted to pull my hair out i couldn't get past a level.