Friday, June 24, 2011

Yahoo Answers fail

I have also been a fan of funny social site pics on exploring the internet. I think up in the ranks of funny facebook photos are funny yahoo answers fail. They things people think of as a response to question that may or may not be serious are very humorous. It gets on exploring the internet a 7.5/10
Yahoo answers fail
This seems rather misleading

You might regret this later
clearly they are not the same have you seen them eat

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Social sites

He knows what he is doing.
In theme with last post i decided to write about lamebook It's a funny site were people pictures of wacky shenanigans that occurred on facebook. I was browsing through and found myself laughing at many of the pictures here are some examples I found particularly funny 
I hear he works at kids parties

Brock is going to get us all in trouble

Goatees are never stupid.

He is quite the pro.

 Check out the link it's rather funny so on exploring the internet it gets a 9/10.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

35 funny social site pics

Social sites have been a funny way of communicating due to the lack of thought used in posts. I love how some people went through the trouble of getting it saved as picture. For that I a man exploring the internet greatly appreciates this check out the link it's pretty funny.  It gets a 8.5/10 on exploring the internet
 Naturally a scholar
 Bitch deserves it
 Grammer nazi
 This is the only way
 It is funny since they mean shit
 Goatees are never stupid
 That is parenting
 Aight that point you might just not brother to google just give up
Women get paid .75$ for every 1$ a Man makes this is horrible its the mans money
It doesn't seem that she gets the joke(we all know its a girl)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Better late then never

I forgot the email for this account and while trying to make a new blog on how to make money on fiverr I googled email me about this one. I am now just posting to let all my followers know I am going to continue posting thank you everyone today is a good day :D I am back to exploring the internet.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Easy death defying tricks

The good ol people on have made quite an interesting list. Basically it's a list of things you would have to be pretty dumb to even attempt because it looks like you could get killed despite it being very easy. It all is based on simple psychics like how if you lie on a bed of nails your weight is spread out. Though if you lie on just one nail you quickly realize how sharp a nail can be. This article is a pretty intressting one and something i would expect from cracked it's worth a view.  It gets a 7/10 on exploring the internet

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The best of not always right is a funny site where normally employees talk about some dumb things their customers done from being obnoxious, to illegal , to just dumb not always right has a great collection of some really funny stories so check out the very humorous site. Here are some of my favorite stories-

Give One, Get One Free

Restaurant | United Kingdom
(I’m waiting in line after ordering a cheeseburger. Another customer is being particularly annoying.)
Server: “Your cheeseburger’s ready sir. That’ll be £2.80.”
Me: *handing over money* “Thanks.”
Other customer: “Hey! Why’s he getting his first? We were here first, that’s mine!”
Server: “He ordered a cheeseburger. They’re quicker to make than double bacon burgers. Yours will be done in a minute.”
Other customer: “I want that one! That one is mine!”
(I nod to the server, and they hand the woman the burger.)
Other customer: “This has got cheese in it! And no bacon! Are trying to rip me off?!”
Server: “You said you wanted that one rather than what you ordered.”
Other customer: “This is appalling! I’m going elsewhere. You can’t get your orders in the right order!” *slams cheese burger on van shelf then walks off*
Server, to me: *smiling* “Would you like a free bacon burger with your cheeseburger?”

Loony Over A Loonie

Gas Station | Ontario, Canada
(I am ringing out an American girl. Keep in mind Canada uses coins for $1 and $2.)
Me: “…and your change is $3.64. You have a wonderful day.”
Customer: “Excuse me, you didn’t give me the right change.”
Me: “Yes I did.”
Customer: “No you didn’t. You only gave me coins, no paper.”
Me: “Ma’am, we’re in Canada, and here we use coins.” *I hold up a $1 coin* “This is a loonie, and is worth $1.”
Customer: “What’s a Canada?”

Don’t Ask Her What Size She’d Like

Grocery Store | California, USA
(I am ringing up a customer. She has bought one large jug of ice-cream, a bag of chips, and dip.)
Me: “Did you find everything okay?”
Customer: “Just fine…. just fine.”
(I notice she’s looking me over up and down, but I try to ignore it.)
Customer: “How are you so skinny?”
Me: “Sorry?”
Customer: “How are you skinnier than me? It’s so unhealthy!”
Me: “Uh, well I’m normally like this. I exercise, and I try to stay fit.”
Customer: “Oh, so you’re saying I’m not!? I can’t believe this. Just because I’m buying ice-cream and chips, doesn’t mean I’m unhealthy!”
Me: “I know it doesn’t ma’am. I eat ice-cream too.”
Customer: “Wait, you do?”
Me: “All the time, ma’am.”
Customer: “Oh… no wonder why you’re more bigger than me. You should take care of yourself more.”

Watashi Whaaa

Music Shop | United Kingdom
(I really like Japanese animation and am learning Japanese as a second language so I listen to a lot of Japanese songs.)
Customer: “Excuse me, what kind of music would you recommend? I want to know what CD I should buy.”
Me: “Oh, I don’t think I listen to the kind of music you’d be interested in.”
Customer: “That’s not very helpful. Just tell me what kind of music you like.”
Me: “Well, I listen to a lot of Japanese songs.”
Customer: “I love that song!”
Me: “It’s not just one song. There are a lot of songs in Japanese.”
Customer: “Really? How many.”
Me: “Oh, far too many to count. There are thousands!”
Customer: “Well that’s a bit silly, isn’t it, what’s the point in making songs in a language that no one can understand?”
Me: “A lot of people understand Japanese.”
Customer: “Like who?”
Me: “The people who live in Japan?”
Customer: “You mean Japan’s a real place?! Well, you learn something new every day!”

These are some of my personal favorite posts check out the site for yourself it gets a 8/10 on exploring the internet