Tuesday, June 21, 2011

35 funny social site pics

Social sites have been a funny way of communicating due to the lack of thought used in posts. I love how some people went through the trouble of getting it saved as picture. For that I a man exploring the internet greatly appreciates this check out the link it's pretty funny.  It gets a 8.5/10 on exploring the internet
 Naturally a scholar
 Bitch deserves it
 Grammer nazi
 This is the only way
 It is funny since they mean shit
 Goatees are never stupid
 That is parenting
 Aight that point you might just not brother to google just give up
Women get paid .75$ for every 1$ a Man makes this is horrible its the mans money
It doesn't seem that she gets the joke(we all know its a girl)



  1. rofl, i love those google things.

  2. Yah they are always very funny by the way if you want me to post anything on my twitter for you or make a blog post about something feel free to ask me I would be more then willing to help.

  3. These are my favorite pics on the internet. Hilarious.

  4. I too enjoy them a lot I'm glad you do too I think I'm going to make my site more picture based also what i said before applies to all my followers.